Consumer psychology is a very interesting field. While there are individual differences present between everyone, there are some things which a majority of people enjoy and hence can be applied for an overall positive result. So what are some things which you can incorporate in your stores and make customers happy and increase your sales?

  1. Digitize Your Store

Countless researches have shown how much customers respond to screens in stores. A recent study showed that about 78% of customers said screens at stores caught their eye. And 85% of customers stated that they enjoyed screens. However, one has to beware that the screens were only placed at areas where customers had to wait. Such as queues for checkout and other spaces; thus while idly waiting they focused their attention on the screens. A lot of the screens play advertisements and advertise deals that they are offering in their stores. This is a great way of building business. You can push towards your merchandizing with these screens to. Just make sure that the screens are placed at areas where customers are more likely to pay attention; areas where they have to wait in line.

  1. Reviews

Customers tend to heed to reviews and ratings of products and places. Before someone goes to a store, restaurant or hotel they tend to check what other people have said about it. Similarly, customers read reviews for products. Hence, it is a good idea to provide customers reviews with each product you sell. Keep the reviews in your system so that if a consumer inquires about a product you can tell them the products rating and reviews as well. People like extra information, and will appreciate this. It will help you with your stores branding; as word will get around how thorough and detailed the customer service is. Make your sales associates well versed in product reviews so they can better guide customers regarding their needs.

  1. Good Content

In today’s world, people want good content. They want facts and data backed up by authentic sources and what not. Hence, you need to ensure the data and content you put out is sound. And that you do put these things out. If you don’t do it, it might lead to problems for you. Customers will appreciate the effort you put into your content. It should be engaging. Try and put out videos since customers tend to engage with them very well!

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