Disruptive marketing trends are new ways to market your products to the people. With technology advancing at an astounding pace, new avenues are constantly opening up. Thus the world of branding is evolving as is the process it takes to building business into a stronger one.

So what are some new disruptive marketing techniques you need to know about and explore?

  1. Portable Devices

Smart phones and tablets are all the rage these days. Everyone has a smart device which they carry around with them. You need to explore different ways you can advertise your product on these gadgets since most people are using these constantly and it is a vital place to market yourself on these days.

  1. Transparency

Building business into a strong empire is what everyone wants and is lead to believe entrepreneurship is all about. However, these days a trend which calls for transparency in business practices to show consumers the business’ ethical practice is becoming popular. Consumers like brands which are thoughtful and admit to their flaws and constantly assure the public they are trying to do better.

  1. User Reviews

These days whenever someone wants to buy a product or avail a service, they tend to look it up online to see reviews by other people who have already experience it. Thus you need to ensure that you get positive reviews for your business. Encourage bloggers and publications to talk about your products and services; about their positive experiences so that other people can get encouragement from their posts and give you their business as well.

  1. Social Media

Everyone is one social media these days. From Twitter, to Instagram, to Facebook to Snapchat and more; people use these platforms actively. In recent years, businesses have started setting up their accounts on these websites as well so they can put out content which is good for their branding strategy as well as engage with their customers directly. It has been seen that companies that do this well tend to be more successful and this helps in building business!

Building business these days is not the same. Entrepreneurship has evolved over the years. It is not longer just about merchandising and putting up billboards; it is about using social media and technological advancements for your benefit. Disruptive techniques are very important and should be used in your business.

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