Big budget movies do great business not just when they are on screens at cinemas but also afterwards through merchandising deals and what not! Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and many more have made more money from their merchandizing than they ever did with their movies!

Action figures, clothing, accessories and much more are produced and sold to fans of the movie franchise. The marketing team does great branding for the movie which results in fans queuing up for merchandise. Building business through merchandising is a big aim for companies.

However, in all this hoopla, the real heroes behind the entire effort are often forgotten. Costume designers for movies are the ones who design the costumes the characters wear during the film yet they get no recognition for their designs when they are reproduced in merchandising efforts. When action figures and doll are produced to replicate key characters, and are in the same dresses designer by designers, the designer gets no credit! This is incredibly unfair since their work is being used for commercial efforts and they not only do not get credit for it but also do not get paid for it!

This has sparked anger in the designer community in Hollywood who are now claiming for a seat at the table. Their work, according to them can no longer be appropriated for profits without crediting them for it and also giving them, money made from the profits; this is only fair.

However, for some reasons producers and studio executives do not like this idea. It may be because of financial reasons or just an oversight. Since they tend to hire a new team for the entire merchandising venture. And give the original designer no credit.

However, in recent years, a few artists are getting the recognition and appreciation they deserve. They work on costumes has led to building business and them designing their own lines for big labels. Branding has a lot to do with this since big labels want the famous artists’ name on their line! Or if the designer prefers they can use their fame from the movie to test their entrepreneurship skills and set up their own fashion studio.

Thus, it proves to be a winning situation for all those involved. More companies need to get in on this trend. And more studios and producers need to consult their original movie costume designers when they venture into the world of merchandising!

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